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The Story of Bramwell Sunglasses


Encinitas, CA | Summer 2015

Like most awesome ideas, Bramwell Sunglasses was concocted while throwing back a couple of White Russians at one of Encinitas's finest establishments, Beir Garden.  Yes, I said White Russians.  About mid day one of our friends, who happens to look exactly like Tony Parker, knocked his sunglasses off and they broke as soon as they hit the ground. Sparking the conversation of how sunglasses are either super expensive ($100+) or super cheap ($20ish), but were usually made of the same sub par materials. That is when the idea was born, design luxury sunglasses that are made from high quality materials, but were affordable. 

San Diego, CA | Fall 2015 - Winter 2016

 The next six months were dedicated to doing research on design and quality. After looking at all the data, lens studies, UV protection info, potential competitors, etc.. We decided our first style of sunglasses were going to be wood based. There are other companies that have wood based frames, we know, but like we said above, they sell for $100+. With our product offering ideated and our price point determined, we went into design. 

We wanted to name and design sunglasses that reflect the different beach communities of San Diego. The San Diego beaches have different types of people and landmarks that really identify each one (like the Cardiff Kook). By designing sunglasses that reflect those communities we have come up with an initial offering of sunglasses that anyone can find a pair they like and identify with. | Spring 2016 & On... 

 Finally, in May of 2016 we were able to combine all our work from the previous 6 months and launch . In the future, look out for killer sunglass designs (including non wood designs), attire, accessories, beach gear and more!

Thanks for checking us out!

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